Stan Pearl

Remembering Stan Pearl GP ’21, ’23

Stan Pearl GP ’21, ’23, was a treasured member of the UTS community. He served as UTS principal from 1995 until his retirement in 2000 and had remained active in the community through his advocacy, volunteerism, participation in school and alumni events and financial support of the school.

Stan is celebrated as a beloved leader of the school and a dedicated history teacher who spearheaded a variety of activities to promote diversity within the UTS community including a tutoring outreach program and overseeing the hugely successful Preserving the Opportunity bursary fundraising campaign.

The Stanley Pearl Award Celebrating Diversity has been established and will recognize a student who plays an integral part in shaping or implementing the community’s support of anti-racism, diversity, equity and inclusion. The recipient of this award works to deepen the understanding of oppression and privilege and helps other students see their background and experiences represented in the school.

Thank you for your donation in memory of Stan.